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Bosch Cobalt Drill Bits | Bosch Cobalt Drill Bit Set
Available Choices Of Cobalt Drill Bits
Cobalt Drill Bits

Bosch Cobalt Drill Bits

Bosch is perhaps the the most trusted brand of power tools and accessories. It is in fact the largest. That’s why it’s no surprise to us that it would produce some of the finest cobalt drill bits available.


One thing that makes Bosch a superior drill bit is its heat resistance. While the traditional high speed steel drill bit will usually fail around 600 degrees Fahrenheit, Bosch cobalt drill bits are able to resist temperatures reaching up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit, nearly twice as much. This also means that they are able to maintain higher speeds while their HSS counterparts must operate at increasingly slower speeds as temperatures rise in order to keep from failing.

Bosch cobalt drill bits are also able to cut through metals more efficiently, and at the same time stay sharper longer. This is due to its higher HRC rating. HRC (also known as Rockwell C) is a standard test that determined a materials hardness. The higher the rating the harder the material. While the average high speed steel drill bit has a HRC of around 55 – 60, Bosch cobalt drill bits have a HRC rating of 68. The Bosch brand even has a slight performance edge over other brands of cobalt drill bits, which usually have HRC ratings around 65 – 67.

They have a 135 degree split tip that allows for fast and efficient drilling. They will start cutting the surface on contact, staying on point without veering off center, making clean straight holes.

These are sold at various specialty tool shops, and there are a number of purchasing options. You should find the CO18 assortment of eighteen bits suitable for the majority of applications. This set has a regular price of around $50 but you can find it online for around $30 – $35.

If you need more drill bit sizes available to you in order to take on more comprehensive jobs, Bosch also offers its CO4029 twenty nine piece assortment of jobber length bits, sizes 1/16 – 1/2 inch. This normally lists at around $205. However, we have seen several online merchants advertise it for around $115.

If you plan to use them infrequently, or for very basic work, you can purchase a smaller set containing the most common sizes. You can purchase the CO4013 thirteen piece package for around $37, or the CO10 ten piece set for around $25. If down the line you need a particular size that is not included in the original set, you can always purchase these bits individually for around $2 – $20 depending on the size.

As far as customer and reader feedback about Bosch cobalt drill bits, for the most part they meet expectations and provide satisfactory performance. Some have said they prefer the Dewalt brand, because of their thicker web construction, which provides more durability for frequent heavy use. However, Bosch may provide better heat resistance due to its higher HRC rating.

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