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Now, here is that proposed letter to the Surety and a sample form for a third party verification. Since educating the surety concerning your claim is necessary whether it is a claim or a litigation, getting some of this done before the case gets filed may save time and work after the case gets filed. Insurance companies, by my experience, don’t lose much correspondence unless the correspondence is not addressed to a specific person or if the correspondence does not sufficiently identify the project or principal or bond. There is no clear definition of what is ‘forthwith’ but a common definition is ‘immediately’ sample refund request letter for construction bond and I would think that this would be no later than seven days, in the ordinary course.

Yours should look something like this one in terms of covering the elements that this letter covers. Last Chance is claiming three backcharges against sample refund request letter for construction bond Superior, which Superior vehemently contests. Try not to ask the principal (the bonded contractor) for a copy of his own bond.

Four letters over the past three months have gone unanswered and copies of each, with applicable green cards, are enclosed. The performance bond usually only addresses claims by the obligee of the bond to get a job completed.

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